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Our story

Arising from a partnership between Luigi Guerci and Dario Pallavidini, the idea of the ALEX•BALL Milano brand came about. It has been a journey so some sixty years. A mastery of gold jewellery craftsmanship has been brought in an ever-increasing crescendo of design challenges to be enthusiastically examined and overcome.

Art is in our DNA

Our ALEX•BALL Milano creations are unique pieces and are true artistic expressions. The word ‘jewel’ is far too overused and is often associated with products of less value because they are made with quality poor materials or on an industrial production line. By choice, we define our creations as works of art so as to distinguish them from all others and to convey our love, passion and typical artistic creativity to our clients.


The town of Valenza in Piedmont boasts an age-old tradition of working in gold. Since halfway through the XIX century, when the first gold craft shops started to develop, the Made in Italy brand concept is currently proudly represented by Valenza for the excellent quality of its designs in gold. An age-old artisan craft tradition has excelled in the production high quality original gold creations and has given rise to original hand-crafted works of art.

The Rebellious Spirit

Alessandro Pallavidini’s business is a pioneering story of adventure along new paths impelled forward by a passion for life, nature, travel, and meditation. A challenging look at things gives rise to new ways of thinking and of bringing new scenarios to the forefront of design. A rebellious spirit does not surrender to mediocrity but attempts always to invent new and innovative solutions.

The Female Touch

ALEX•BALL Milano is a business realty comprising a sound team, mainly of women. In the world of goldsmiths, the female touch, that mixture of good taste and a particular sensitivity, is indispensable in the creation of exclusive jewellery. Alessandra Acquarone, with her designer husband Alessandro Pallavidini, devised the firm’s marketing plan of solid values which has made the business quite distinct for its displays of quality, ethics and transparency.

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