Guerci Pallavidini

Production phases

As with every work of art, even for the creation of a setting, everything starts with a project idea which initially takes shape with a design. This can be the result of our artist’s vision or as the result of the client’s specific demands.

From the design stage to completion is not a simple step. The choice of the alloy is, for example, of crucial importance for the setting’s happy outcome. Aesthetic factors come into play, which are often dictated by fashion, personal tastes or the destination of the piece.

There is a tradition, which is no accident, in the choice of the gold, for example. It is a precious and incorruptible metal which has been raised to the status of a symbol of equally indissoluble unions, such as at the celebration of weddings, or for the setting of solitaires for engagements as the promise of matrimony.

Since 1957, our pieces are recognised as some of the best in the world. The creation of top-level settings presupposes not only creativity and manual ability, but also a deep knowledge of the tools associated with the diverse working techniques of the goldsmith’s trade.

The craftsmen who create our pieces are able to fashion the precious metal without damaging it, being capable of filing it down so as to smooth off its edges, of polishing it, of making it convex, and of melting and soldering it, being able to mould it according to a design.

A good setting always facilitates the setter in his work and brings out the best top qualities of the diamonds or gemstones. There are several working phases from the initial design to the final cleaning of the setting.






Quality control