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Types of mounting
There are several types of mounting, each one of which has specific characteristics either to highlight the quality of the gemstones, to hide their shortcomings, or simply to showcase one’s personal taste or style. The following are the principal types of mountings.


Frame claw or clasp mounting
This is the mounting used for solitaire rings. The diamond or gemstone is inserted in a type of little basket whose edges are the claws or clasps which hold in the gem in place. Normally, the claw tips or clasps are four in number but can be more depending on the size of the solitaire. The mountings also come with six frame claws, if one wants to protect the stone particularly well, or even with only three, if one wants to leave the solitaire as visibly free as possible.


Bezel mounting
This mounting is a recessed setting where the gemstone is mounted, and the metallic surround partly covers the solitaire. This type of mounting is used for all pieces of jewellery and is particularly useful for small round stones. This is a classical taste and one loved by our Nordic and Scandinavian cousins.


Recessed mounting
In this type of mounting, the precious metal has a conical cavity into which the gemstone is set. The diamond is fully visible in its surround and the precious metal wraps fully around it. A recessed mounting provides very good protection for the gemstone.


Track mounting
Two grooves or channels, one beside the other, where diamonds or gemstones can be set. The mounting is very suitable for round-cut diamonds, baguettes, emeralds, ovals, Princess and carré (square) cut gemstones, or for small equally-sized gemstones. There are no spaces between the gemstones and this gives great luminosity to diamonds in particular.


Pavé mounting
The French term means ‘paved’, as in flagstone, and the mounting is such that all the gemstones, usually diamonds, are set side by side, in such a way that one cannot see the gold or silver holding them in place.


The advantages of Guerci Pallavidini mountings
• A clean minimalist, but at the same time, modern design which always set off the diamond or gemstone to the maximum
• An impeccable finish, thanks to pharmaceutical-level quality control
• Certificate of Italian manufacture
• Consistent clasps or claw which ensure a secure mounting
• Fast deliveries, impeccable service, after-sales support
• Mountings which are always robust and consistent with the aim of not causing any problem for bespoke pieces
• Use of alloys in accordance with European standards, thus giving a guarantee for who may have allergy problems
• Wide range of measurements which give an ideal mounting for every carat


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