Guerci Pallavidini

Certificate of guarantee

Guerci Pallavidini settings are unique to the marketplace, being delivered in blister packaging, with a certificate of guarantee attesting the authenticity of the piece under its 794AL perforated patent number.

Why should one avoid buying counterfeit settings or settings of inferior quality manufacture?

  • To buy counterfeit Guerci Pallavidini settings means to break the law, or to be an accomplice of those who do not respect a copyright deposited and patented by ourselves.
  • It also means helping to finance companies which work outside the limits of the law, often using an unregulated workforce.
  • It runs the frequent risk of the client losing a diamond or of finding a cracked setting which is most unpleasant. In trying to save a few pence, it puts the piece’s entire true value at risk, namely the loss of the gemstone itself. A diamond must be for life.
  • The certificate attesting the setting’s gold and the patent’s perforation are very important. Frequently some businesses take a risk on this by not marking their merchandise at all, not wanting to be exposed as counterfeiters, or by trying to save on the alloys or on the guaranteed title.

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